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Race Reports

Credit: Cycling 9-April-1958
BRILLIANTLY consistent riding brought Ron Coe, just back from the Continent, victory in the overall classification of the Bournemouth Olympic three-day race, run on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Although Coe failed to take a single stage outright, he had staked his claim to a win by the time the second day's racing was over.
The event opened with a 32-mile time trial, in which Coe came home second, 21 seconds behind last year's third placeman, B. Tucker, whose time was 1-32-27. Tucker, a member of the promoting club, put up an outstanding performance in conditions of rain, snow and cold. Third, at 1-34, was P. Glasbourne.
Next day came the 97-mile road race, notable for a finish in which Dave Robinson, North London amateur, out sprinted by two lengths Coe, H. Reynolds and B. Hier, who had been his companions in the decisive break. Tucker, who had done so well the day before, punctured. and saw his hopes fade. Robinson's time was 4-11-47, and Reynolds returned the same figures. Coe, third at one second, had done well enough, however, to take first place on the general classification, 1-48 up on Reynolds
All hinged, therefore, on Reynolds' ability to wipe out his deficit on the final day's run of 95 miles, which carried the riders over the border into Dorset. But Coe was too strong for him. Resolutely keeping his berth in the breakaway group, Coe was beaten by three lengths in the final sprint, his conqueror being Dave Bedwell, who usually makes Bournemouth a happy hunting ground.
The general classification, over 224 miles, was: R. Coe, Elswick-Hopper, 9-57-8; 1; H. Reynolds, Army C.U., at 2-8,.2; L. Gill. Independent, at 6-18, 3; R. Maitland, Independent, at 6-21. 4: D. MacLeod, N. London, at 7-46, 5: B. Thomas, Midland, at 10-20. 6.
Team. - Army C.U. (Reynolds, K. Butler, D. Chettleburgh)

Credit: Cycling 16-April-1958
ON Saturday Ron Coe won the East Stafford Border 62-mile road race, out sprinting three Viking men, L. Gill, R. Eastwood and B. Haskell, with the assistance of his Elswick-Hopper team-mate Harry Reynolds, who was fifth.
The race was over three laps of a tough North Derbyshire circuit, and on lap one S. Wilson, P. Ryalls, R. Bartrop and D. Midgley built, up a breakaway of 11 min. But four miles from the finish they were caught.
Result :- R. Coe, Elswick-Hopper, 2-29-17, 1; L. Gill, Independent, at three lengths, 2; R. Eastwood, Independent, at five lengths. 3: B. Haskell. Independent, at 17 lengths. 4; H. Reynolds, Independent, at 15 sec. 5; R. Bartrop Independent. 6; T. Oldfield, Independent, 7; A. Kershaw, Independent, 8. Team. - Viking Cycles

Two Day, Three Stage Success in the Peak District

Credit: Cycling 23-April-1958
THERE was an all-star cast for the Buxton Spring Road Race, promoted last week-end by the Manchester Coureurs R.C., and the very quality of the opposition made it all the more remarkable that Ron Coe should have registered victory on every stage. King Of the Mountains proved to be Ian Sandbach, a consolation to a rider who experienced more than his share of ill-luck.
This year the series took triple form with a 40-mile massed-start on Saturday afternoon, a 25-mile time trial on Sunday morning, and a 45-mile massed-start on Sunday afternoon. The headquarters of the event were the Pavilion Gardens at Buxton, whence all the routes led out into, the hilly country of the Peak District. Although the clouds clamped down over the 1,000-ft. mark immediately after the finish, the weather was excellent throughout.


Ian Sandbach leads Ron Coe in the Buxton Spring Road Race 1958

Saturday started with a fast run on mainly falling gradients to Chapel-en-le-Frith. Riders  Men climbed to 1,077 ft. for the prime a,t Chinley Head where first over the line was Brian Haskell, followed by Sandbach and G. Shaw. There was a drop to Hayfield and again a stiff ascent to the Chunal prime, this going to Sandbach, with Les Gill second and Haskell third, thus leaving Sandbach a point ahead of Haskell on the day's prime reckoning. A few miles from the finish, at Buxton, a bunch broke away but fell back after a short while, leaving Sandbach and Coe to cross the line level, in 1-42-44, after a fine duel. Haskell led in the remainder of the field about 300 yards behind. Thus the principal rivals were on equal terms before the start of the time trial on Sunday morning.
First of all the route involved a four-mile slog up the "Cat and Fiddle", England's second highest inn, standing at 1,690 ft. Sandbach, winner of the prime here, had gained something like 45 sec. on Coe, who started a minute in front of him. Second place in the prime went to Haskell. Both Coe and Sandbach swung away swiftly on the descent. but before they reached the "Setter Dog", four miles farther on, Sandbach unshipped his chain which became badly tangled in the sprockets, requiring some desperate effort to replace. The trouble is estimated to have cost him at least 10 minutes, so that his lead was gone for good.
For the 25 miles, including the two peaks of 1,690 ft., Coe registered 1-7-54, Gill being only 8 sec. slower. Haskell, third fastest, returned 1-8-21.
Sunday afternoon, again, started with a slog, 31 miles up to the prime at Axe Edge. High up by Cheeks Hill the long coloured line was being led by Charles Mather with Haskell on his wheel, the pace being such that practically every competitor was out of the saddle and pushing the 'pedals down. There was some reshuffling on the next rise and fall, Sandbach emerging as the best at the prime. with David Russell behind and Haskell following on. The whole pack continued solidly southward over the moors to the "Royal Cottage". Turning for Longnor a certain liveliness was manifested. Harry Reynolds presently shooting away like an arrow and afterwards being joined by Dick Bartrop, the two of them defying all efforts that were made to bridge the gap.
As the riders approached the steep zig-zag above Crowdecote village a quartette could be seen, the leaders of which had a full quarter-mile lead over the pack. Together at the front were Bartrop and Reynolds. with Ivan Sharp 30 yd. behind. then A. Hope some way back. Again a gap of 150 yd. and Sandbach led the pack. Coe being nearly level with him. Reynolds took the prime and. doggedly maintaining his advantage, he did likewise with the remaining two. Reynolds went on leading. having an advantage of 500-yd. as they passed Crowdecote on the second lap. Bartrop was second, after 100-yd. came Coe and Barlow, and after a similar gap Gill and Sandbach. Peter Southart led the rest.
The climb and subsequent traffic brought about some closing up. Five miles later Reynolds still being away but Coe leading a bunch of seven some 500 yd. to.the rear. During the remaining five miles Sandbach was brought down, cutting his elbow. Meanwhile Reynolds was overhauled and a dozen riders swept together into the Pavilion Gardens. Coe and Reynolds were in the lead. As they approached the line the former appeared to be aiming to push his team-mate in front of him, but he missed and was over first himself. Bob Eastwood was third.
The general classification showed Coe as the overall winner from Gill.
Stage 1: R. Coe, Elswick-Hopper Cycles, and I. Sandbach, Pennine Coureurs, 1-42-44. 1; B. Haskell, independent, 1-43-24, 3: B. Eastwood, ind., 1-43-29, 4: L. Gill. ind., 1-43-34, 5; G. Barlow. Stone Wh., and T. Oldfield, ind., 1-43-44. 6; R. Bartrop. ind.. W. Bradley, Southport Rd., and D. Russell, Merseyside B.L.R.C., 1-43-49, 8.
Stage 2: Coe, 1-7-54, 1; Gill, 1-8-2, 2; Haskell, 1-8-21, 3; Bradley, 1-8-29, 4; G. R. Maclagan, Loughborough Colleges, 1-8-55. 5; Barlow. 1-8-56, 6; Oldfield, 1-9-24, 7; I. Sharp, ind., 1-9-35, 8.
Stage 3: Coe, 2-13-35. 1; H. Reynolds, ind., at one length, 2; Eastwood, 3; P. Southart, Adorior R.C., 4; Maclagan. 5; J. Lowe. Southport R.C.. 6; Gill. 7; Bartrop, Bradley, O'Brien, Haskell, Wilson, Barlow (equal), 8; Sandbach, 14.
General classification: R. Coe, 5-1-13, 1; L. Gill. at 3-28. 2; B. Haskell, at 3-37, 3; W. Bradley, at 4-40. 4; G. Barlow, at 5-2. 5; G. MacLagen, at 5-29. 6; R. Bartrop, at 5-42, 7; J. Lowe. at 6-36, 8; G. O'Brien, at 6-57. 9; S. Wilson, at 7-13. 10; R. Eastwood, at 7-17, 11; H. Reynolds. at 7-33. 12.
Team Viking, 15-16-26. 1; Elswick-Hopper. at 1-59. 2; West of England, at 3-31, 3.

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