There is a lot to do before the web site is up to speed. If you would like to contribute now is the time to get in touch.

The brief is simple - anything of interest to fans of Cycle Racing Tours, past or present. And things of interest are most likely items that add to what is available on the web. So no value in this site simply relisting the previous winners of the Tour de France, for example. They are already available in lots of places - printed and electronic.

However a story or photo - from decades past or just last week - that makes a unique contribution to the web is what is needed.

It is amazing how much material is lost or destroyed every year. And the older it was the less chance there is of another copy being found. Even magazine articles from the 1950s are disintegrating into useless fragments. And electronic media vanishes overnight when websites are not maintained. So scan those fragile paper / film records and give copies to everyone you can!



Recent Content Updates

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Update 5-Nov-2015
Apologies to all those that have been in touch over the past months - there have been just too many projects on the go and this website has been at the back of the queue. Now that things have calmed down a little an attempt will be made to catch up with the growing backlog of material.

Update 7-Mar-2014
Having been running for a few years now Tour-Racing has clearly developed in some areas and not in others.

The most obvious difference is the activity variations between the decades. We continue to get more old stuff - but no new stuff; apart from editorial comments on current tours.

Part of the problem is that there are plenty of sources for the modern material. But the main practical constraint is that much modern material has copyright issues but the web site has no funds to pay for new photos or stories.

So it has been decided to trim back the coverage to just those decades that can make a useful contribution to the web-sphere.

So, at least for the short term, the 1970’s will be the most recent decade that is available online.

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